Video Competition 2016 | Video List

Show Winners
Junior Division 2016 School
Winner: Best Custom Part
California Middle
The Story of Hawk California Middle
RoboPlay 2016 - Bob the Hunter Mountain Vista Middle
RoboPlay 2016 - POWER RANGERS Mountain Vista Middle
RoboPlay 2016 - The Journey of Color Mountain Vista Middle
RoboPlay 2016 - THE THREE ROBO PIGGIES Mountain Vista Middle
RoboPlay 2016 - THREE MAIDENS & THE BIG BAD DRAGON Mountain Vista Middle
Bot Wars
Winner: Most Interesting Task
Charles W. Tewinkle Middle
Botman vs. Superbot Golden West Middle
The Legend of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)
Winner: Best Story
Winner: Best Overall
Cambridge Elementary
RoboPlay 2016 - #DontDrink&Code American Canyon Middle
RoboPlay 2016 - Duck Song Linkbot American Canyon Middle
RoboPlay 2016 - Flash Movie American Canyon Middle
Roboplay 2016 - RoboLights
Winner: Best Choreography
Corona del Mar Middle
Roboplay 2016 - Dancing with the Bots Corona del Mar Middle
Botzilla Sutter Middle
Rolling Bot Vaca Pena Middle
Ocean Man McPherson Magnet
The Emergency
Winner: Best Computational Thinking
George A. Buljan Middle
The Tonight Show with Robo Fallon St. Catherine of Siena
Sponge Bob Remix McPherson Magnet
Linkbot-Random dances and songs McPherson Magnet
Linkbots Got Talent Cambridge Elementary
Cinderellinkbot Golden West Middle
Senior Division 2016 School
The Walking Robot Luther Burbank High
The Hungry Caterpillar Luther Burbank High
World War II Luther Burbank High
Taro Cheese Pizza Cafe (IVC Team A)
Winner: Most Interesting Task
Winner: Best Overall
Irvine Valley College
IVC Cryptonite Irvine Valley College
From Bells to Buzzers Angelo Rodriguez High
RoboWars: The Linkbot Awakens
Winner: Best Choreography
Foothill High
Winner: Best Computational Thinking
Livermore High
THE HUNGER GAMES- Linkbot Edition Livermore High
The Race
Winner: Best Story
American Canyon High
Robot Viking God Movie Marina High
Super Bot American Canyon High
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