Video Competition 2014 | Video List

Show Winners
Middle School School
Growing Pains - Making the Right Choices Sam Brannan Middle
Minions C STEM Charles W. Tewinkle Middle
Under Sea Adventure Lee Middle
Frozen Land Lee Middle
Hawaiian Girls Lee Middle
MRF Lee Middle
The Undead's White House Siege California Middle
The Under Dog California Middle
Bullying is Bad Lee Middle
LinkZilla IV California Middle
Linklon's Story California Middle
Robot Alien Moon Landing School of Engineering & Sciences
Working The Play McPherson Magnet
Science Light Video American Canyon Middle
Thriller Costa Mesa High
Three Days of the Civil War School of Engineering & Sciences
Mashup 2013+Movie Trailer of the Year American Canyon Middle
Hockey: Rookies v. Lovers School of Engineering & Sciences
Kidnapped! Humane Treatment or Torture? School of Engineering & Sciences
Magic Show Costa Mesa High
Captain Dance Bot 5000 School of Engineering & Sciences
Science Girl American Canyon Middle
Fast and the Linkbots American Canyon Middle
Race American Canyon Middle
High School School
Mobots War Fairmont Preparatory Academy
The Mysterious Ticking Noise ( Mobot Version) Fairmont Preparatory Academy
Mobots In The Forrest Fairmont Preparatory Academy
Mobot Soccer Fairmont Preparatory Academy
Harmless Robots Golden West College
RoboAerobics Marina High
Breaking News Luther Burbank High
Titean Toys Luther Burbank High
PacMan Golden West College
Robort Bullying Luther Burbank High
GirlBot&BoyBot Luther Burbank High
RoboPlay Color Guard Valley High
The Proposal Fred C. Beyer High
Electric Love Fred C. Beyer High
LinkbotAli Comercial Parody School of Engineering & Sciences
The Tortoise and the Hare School of Engineering & Sciences
Mecanum Linkbot Interlude School of Engineering & Sciences
3 Little Pigs School of Engineering & Sciences
The Great Chariot Linkbot Race Franklin High
MultiLinkbot Dance - The Lion Sleeps Tonite Franklin High
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