/*2016 RoboPlay Video Competition
Division 1
Video Title: The Legend of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) - Scene 3 The Carriage
Teacher: Sandra Soto
School Name: Cambridge Elementary
School District: Travis Unified District
Student Names:  Israel Fausto, Megan Foster, David Naples, Isabella Lagman, Jazmin Torrez, Averi Wakefield, Antonio Soto
Code written by: Diogo Munguia and David Naples
Purpose:  Linkbot moves forward/hauls a carriage holding Ranchero's new lady, and llorona watches */
#include <linkbot.h>
CLinkbotI robot;
double radius = 1.75;
                          //scene #3
robot.driveDistance(20,radius);/*horse moves 20 front*/
/*Rachero left Maria and went with another women and Maria went insane */
/*the cariage carries the other women and Ranchero*/
/*Maria stalks the other girl and Ranchero riding in the carriage*/