Judge Award List

RoboPlay Davis 2019

Judge Awards
Perseverance Award

This award goes to the team that improvises and overcomes a difficult situation while still maintaining a high level of performance.

Spirit Award

This award celebrates a team that displays extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit

Teamwork Award

This award recognizes a team that fluidly works together with strong communication, tasks delegation, and excellent time management.

Division A

Award Team School
Spirit Award Falcon X Robotics Valley View Middle
Teamwork Award Fruitful Efforts Angelo Rodriguez High

Division B

Award Team School
Perseverance Award CrusherBots Vintage High
Spirit Award Vu - Girls American Canyon High
Teamwork Award Vu - 7th Period American Canyon High

Division C

Award Team School
Perseverance Award REVERSE CARD American Canyon Middle
Teamwork Award Bots Beings Roosevelt Middle
Spirit Award OG Gummy Bears Camptonville Academy

Division D

Award Team School
Perseverance Award Uncle Phil and the 3 Grandsons Valley View Middle
Spirit Award Robo Racers Parkmead Elementary
Teamwork Award /*Green Thumbs*/ Travis Elementary
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